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Papillon rub on transfers

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Papillon© Rub-on Image Transfers are easy to use and comes in a range of gorgeous designs that can be applied to PAINTED & SEALED FURNITURE, CERAMIC JARS, TILES, CARDSTOCK, METAL, PLASTIC, just about any surface you can imagine. 

Size: 22cm x 30cm
Introductory Price: $17.50 (until mid-December)

These transfers are pressure-sensitive printed designs that can be rubbed onto any flat or pre-sealed surfaces.   Simply remove the protective sheet behind the design, lay the design print side down on your project and rub the back of the film to transfer the artwork. No heat, no cutting out, no glue or water is required. 

After application, seal your design with your favorite water-based sealer.

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Check out the video below to see how easy it is to apply these transfers.

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