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Decoupage TISSUE papers - 27gsm - 4 sizes

DTP008 Art Deco Arches.png

I have a selection of large decoupage tissue (27 gsm) papers available with a variety of styles.

The 'M' size is great for sides or front of drawers & trays, while the 'L' and 'XL' sizes work on larger pieces of furniture.  

  • XL: 50 x 76 cm (slightly bigger than A1)

  • L: 43 x 58 cm (roughly A2)

  • M: 38 x 50 cm

  • S: 25 x 38

75gsm PAPER

Also available is a variety of EXTRA LARGE (50 x 73 cm) decoupage paper.  This is not a tissue paper, and is aprox 75 gsm - more like the weight of gift wrapping paper, so very easy to use.  The images are very highly detailed.

DTP077 Pastel Highland Cow.png
Vintage Rooster.png
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