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Hokus Pokus Décor Weaves

Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave designs are highly detailed expressions of art which can be applied to natural wood, painted furniture or a surface of your choice.

  • Wrinkle free application

  • No ripping or bubbling

  • Apply to any clean surface 

  • Bold & detailed

It is a decoupage sheet - but not like we’ve seen before. 
The weave is a very light woven fabric with the image applied.  

Price: $39 - $44

Decor Weave - Fynbos.jpg
" It's Not Paper" Decoupage Prints

Karoo Sjiek "It’s not paper" decoupage prints – This is a tear and crease-resistant printed product that can easily be applied to most surfaces as a decoupage print to enhance your craft projects as well as renew your old furniture and appliances.

Karoo Sjiek “it’s not paper” prints do not bubble, tear, or crease and can be applied to most surfaces as one design or cut up as is done with conventional decoupage paper.

Comes in 3 sizes: A3 | A2 (60x42) | XL (90 x 60)

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ps: I also sell decoupage papers
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