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Creations &  Commissions

Shana| Love my Boho Coffee table - beautifully painted

Tania | Thank  you for the pair of bedside tables  - they look lovely in my spare room.

Gabby | My retro bedside cabinet is a beautifully renovated item. Karen packaged beautifully and arranged hassle free shipping.

Catherine | Absolutely beautiful stenciled tray sold by a wonderful seller.

Lucy | Wonderful seller.  The dresser was beautifully finished and we were even told about its history.  Love the piece more each day.

Wendy | Just delightful Karen - thank you so much.  Let me know if you are selling anything else that might suit a small townhouse.  You are very talented.


Faye | I love my rimu bedside table!

Erin & Matt | Thank you so much for taking the time to email us.  The hall table looks fantastic!  You have done a wonderful job restoring it and giving it a new lease of life.  Its amazing really to see how good it looks with a bit of TLC.  We will be sure to share your photos with other family members who recall what the old table looked like.

Peri | The upcycled table & 4 chairs were like brand new.  Many thanks.  Lovely and so helpful.  Recommended!

Robyn | The little stenciled wine table I got from Karen just looks great in my business premises.

Kathy | The upcycled shelf unit is gorgeous.  I love the colour and it looks wonderful in our new cottage on the lounge wall.  I'm so glad people like you take the time to see and do something with pieces of lovingly made furniture like this.

Michelle | I bought a beautiful wee bedside table off Karen and I absolutely love it.  It's beautifully painted and the colours are perfect.

Juliet | I love the garden in a teacup.  It's very stylish and adds colour and life to the room and doesn't need watering!

Megan | Love my desk.  Karen was lovely to deal with and does beautiful work.  I was able to see several of her pieces and would love to buy more items.


Raewyn |  Thank you Karen, I had a wonderful day.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and thank you for being so generous with your time and facilities.


Andrea | Thank you so much for Saturday.  It was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot. 


Lisa | Thanks so much for your knowledge and hospitality.  I thoroughly enjoyed our class and I'm looking forward to new ideas and getting started upcycling.


Peggy | Thanks for a lovely class yesterday Karen.  I really enjoyed it and certainly learnt a lot.  Looking forward to more.

Liz | I so enjoyed the time with you yesterday - your abundant knowledge and passion for he craft was so infection.  I hardly know where to start.  Plus I spent the evening reading the manual while my husband watched sport.  So I feel well armed with practical steps and tips.  Thank you for your generosity.  I can't wait to get started and am planning to start with a sort out of all materials and tools we currently have in the next couple of weeks.  The hardest thing for me will now be deciding the colours.  I will definitely keep intouch and share what Dianne and I get up to

Just delightful Karen - thank you so much.  Let me know if you are selling anything else

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