Before & after … the journey


I am continuously working on new items.

I spend a lot of time tracking down items that I love.  The major criteria for me is that they have lovely lines - this could be the shape, or a particular set of legs - anything that captures my imagination and gets me thinking "that could look wonderful if I did …"

There is a lot of work that goes into upcycling my lovely objects:

  • sourcing new items (trade me, garage sales … )

  • repairs & replacement of anything damaged

  • finding missing items (draw pulls, screws, etc)

  • Preparation covers things like

    • wire brushing & treating rust

    • filling cracks

    • gluing & nailing 

    • sanding

    • primer/sealer coat

  • Painting - chalk paint, spray paint, blackboard paint, test pots (for stenciling), antique paint, washes, Danish oil, stains

  • Decorating - decoupage, gilding, stripes, stencils ...

  • Finishing - final protection coat of varnish or wax


But when I see the finished product, it's ALWAYS worth the effort.  I hope you think so too.


Before and after images of some of my projects 

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