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A scrumptions, not to mention mouth watering, black and white French image.


  • Sheet Size: 22 xm x 30cm
  • NB: black and white images can be used over light-medium shade paint colours.


Papillon Rub-on Image Transfers are easy to use and comes in a range of gorgeous designs that can be applied to PAINTED & SEALED FURNITURE, CERAMIC JARS, TILES, CARDSTOCK, METAL, PLASTIC, just about any surface you can imagine.

Explore the possibilities of transforming your home with these beautiful designs and breath new live into old furniture or decor items.

PT1087 - French Bakery

SKU: PT1087
  • Papillon© Rub-on Image transfers are pressure-sensitive printed designs that can be rubbed onto any flat or pre-sealed surfaces.

    Simply remove the protective sheet, lay the design PRINT SIDE DOWN on your project and rub the back of the film to transfer the artwork. No heat, glue or water is required.  Roll off any excess adhesive round the outside of the design with your finger pad as soon as you lift up the film.

    After application, seal your design with your favorite water based sealer or clear coat.

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