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Carts & Millie Washed Away in MILK CHOCOLATE is a creamy brown akin to your favourite cup of hot chocolate.

Washed Away Furniture Stain is a water-based colour and sealer combination available in six shades. It is suitable for any bare timber surface, such as table tops, stools, chairs, dressers and shelves. Available in 250ml bottles, its concentrated formula delivers a brilliant colour in just one coat; a little goes a very long way!

Washed Away Wood Stain: Milk Chocolate

  • Simply apply one even coat with a good quality paint brush, or if you require an opaquer finish, apply a subsequent coat after two hours. Use the natural tones to enhance the grain of your timber, or create a layered, weathered look with the coloured stains. Washed Away dries to a matt protective finish, or can be coated with a water based non-yellowing top coat for a glossier look.

    COVERAGE: A 250ml bottle will cover approximately 10-16 square meters. Colour may vary depending on species of timber.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes to combine well. Decant into a small vessel and apply a thin, even coat with a good quality paintbrush. Re-coat (optional) after two hours. Cured in seven days. Allow minimum 48 hours before placing items on the stained surface.

    Colours are approximate and may vary with screen settings.

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