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This paint is a unique blend of real metallic pigment particles in a water based acrylic medium, ideal for interior projects large and small. It has a flat finish which appears multi-dimensional due to the metallic particles. Coverage is 8 - 10 sq m per litre over smooth features.
For a rich, true colour first paint a base coat in a similar colour - e.g. for silver paint use a light grey base coat)

As well as a solid coat, you can use a very thin coat as a 'wash'. This paint can be thinned with up to 5% clean water - you are best to decant what you require into a separate container before doing this.



METALLIC - Rich Pale Gold - 375ml

  • Best applied over a coat of mineral or water based acrylic.    

    APPLICATION:  Thoroughly stir with a wide stick to ensure any material that may have settled has been mixed through.  Can use spray, roller or brush to apply.  Full coverage obtained with 2 coats.

    DRYING: allow 4 hours between coats (more if applying in low temperatures or high humidity).  Do not apply below 10 degrees.

    CLEAR TOP COAT: applying a water based varnish may dull the metallic effect.

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