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  • Sheet Size: 15 cm x 39 cm
  • Carts & Millie Drawer stencil No. 1 - LACE

Created specifically for the side or front of drawers, easy to line up if you want to repeat the pattern

C & M drawer stencil No. 1


Buy 3 Stencils & Save 10%

  • Our stencils are high quality laser cut stencils, made of a semi-transparent milky white strong Mylar plastic, they are easy to handle, flexible, durable and reusable many times over.

    We are using 2 thicknesses; a 10mil (.25mm) for stencil sizes S-XXL and 14mil (.4mm) for stencil sizes XXL and larger. We will use both for the larger sizes depending on design. We choose to use the slightly thicker stock for our larger stencils mostly to have them more sturdy when using.

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