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Saturday 3 Jul : 2 hours : 10 am - 12 noon

This course runs on Saturday mornings throughout the year from my home base in Mt Pleasant, Christchurch (12 mins from city centre).  Hands on learning in a fun environment.  You will leave the workshop feeling confident and knowledgeable in your ability to start upcycling, and what paints and upcycling products are available in the NZ market.

BYO paint workshop - Sat 03 Jul

  • This 2 hour course is perfect for the beginner who needs the confidence to tackle their first upcycling project using your choice from the range of paint brands & colours provided.

    All you need to do is bring a small piece of unpainted timber furniture (as a workshop does not allow enough time to strip or fully sand back a painted item), like a chair, plant stand or side table. Anything you can carry easily to class, transport in your car and complete and dry in 2 hours. 

    Please give your piece an initial clean all over with sugar soap (followed by a rinse with clean water to get rid of residue and drying outside in the sun) prior to the workshop – this will leave more time on the day for scuff sanding clean again and apply paint.

    Morning tea provided.
    Chance to purchase paint and upcycling products at a 5% discount on the day from my home showroom.


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