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The Cling On! Shorties are the most popular brushes in the Cling On! Range. Why?  Well apart from being really cute….they are great ‘all rounders’ and squeeze into tight spaces like a charm!
Think bookshelves, chair legs, wine racks….anywhere a longer handle just gets in the way. They are beautifully light and balance in your hand perfectly, reducing fatigue and letting you paint for longer!

SA50 - Has an angled/tapered head for cutting in and precision edging!

Width: 50mm | Filament length: 53mm | handle 97mm



SA50 - ANGLED Cling On! Shortie brush

  • Handmade for use with waterbased products, the CLING ON! brush can handle any kind of paint and will give you a flawless result, making painting no less than a joy.

    Discovered by furniture painters, the CLING ON!'s are now a favourite of DIY lovers and furniture flippers around the world.

    CLING ON! Brushes make it possible even for a beginner to achieve an expert finish!

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