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Whether you’re just starting, experimenting or have a small-scale project, this compact pack of clay can help! It features a fine, smooth, pliable texture for easier to kneading, moulding, and sculpting. Best of all, no baking is needed, with a 24hr drying time, you have plenty of time to hone your design before it dries to earthenware hardness. Once this self-hardening clay is dry, it can be sanded, drilled, painted or varnished. So, get creative with some modelling clay today and see where your imagination takes you..

  • Fine even texture ideal for free form sculptures
  • No baking needed, dries in 24hrs approx. (depending on thickness) to earthenware hardness
  • Dries to a white, matte finish
  • Can be sanded, drilled, painted or varnished once dry
  • Resealable sticker included to help keep clay fresh

Handy hints

  • Knead clay before use
  • Make sure your work surface is smooth
  • To join large portions of clay, score both surfaces and dampen with water
  • Cover your project with cling film and a damp tea towel between sessions and store in a cool, dry place within an airtight container


Air Dried Clay - 500g

  • Air hardening clay - wash your tools & hands with water straight after use.

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