Saturday 31 Jul  : 2 1/2  hours : 9.30 - 12 noon

This course runs on Saturday mornings throughout the year from my home base in Mt Pleasant, Christchurch (12 mins from city centre).  Hands on learning in a fun environment.  You will leave the workshop feeling confident and knowledgeable in your ability to start upcycling, and what paints are available, and how to correctly apply a stencil.

Paint & Stencil a Tray - Sat 31 Jul 2021

  • This 2 1/2  hour course covers all the techniques, products and tools required to paint and stencil your tray.  Included in your workshop fee is either a wood or metal tray: you will be given a selection to choose from on the day. 

    * PREP WORK on your tray
    * PAINTING small items
    * STENCIL techniques and tools
    * PROTECTING your tray with wax or varnish