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Available 250 ml + 530 ml

LIGHT GREY (for use under darks & brights)

A water-based primer and bonding product for shiny surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic and timber. Carts & Millie Boutique Primer and Adhesive Bond combines the functions of primer, adhesive bond, minor stain blocking and undercoat in one convenient product. It ensures great adhesion between the surface and your paint, so it will not chip or flake. Paint slick and shiny surfaces like glass and metal with a quick undercoat of Boutique Primer and Adhesive bond, which dries to a matt finish ready for your paint colour of choice. 


LIGHT GREY primer + adhesive bond - 2 sizes

  • You can also use when going from a dark base to a light paint colour to help with the number of coats required. Or, use the grey primer under darker colours to minimise the coats required. Coupled with Carts & Millie Boutique Furniture Paint, you can paint items like vases and not worry about the paint running when coming into contact with water.

    While Boutique Primer and Adhesive bond will block light tannins, grease and oil from coming through to your painted surface, we recommend a shellac-based product to block darker tannins.

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