3hrs : 9.30 - 12.30 pm

This course runs  from my home base in lower Mt Pleasant, Christchurch (12 mins from city centre).  Hands on learning in a fun environment.  You will leave the workshop feeling confident and knowledgeable in your ability to start upcycling, and what paints are available, and how to correctly use & apply moulds and transfers

20 AUG ~Paint, Moulds + Transfers

  • Spend a lovely creative time working on with 2 types of transfers, and 3 types of moulds.  Your workshop notes will include all sorts of tips to help you with your first project, but today is about learning how to apply and create something unique.

    Transfers: you will get to use a Re-Design or Hokus Pokus rub on transfer AND the designer transfer (reverse printed) that you apply with a transfer paste.

    Moulds:  You will get to experiment with creating a decorative mould with air clay, a hot glue gun AND resin, applying this to your sample board, and when dry painting & perhaps waxing.

    Overall, a very creative and satisfying Morning
    Refreshments included