Sometimes it is the right accessories that can make or break the 'look' you are going for.

When I take photos of my upcycled furniture, I always try and show you what it could look like back at your house by adding accessories of my own such as vases, candles, objects, trays, candles, cushions, cups, glasses, decanters, silverware, books, art, antiques etc).

A few people have asked me where they can get hold of these objects.

Magpie that I am, I have a lot of these stockpiled. 

So I have set up this page with a variety of accessories that are for sale.  Most of these have undergone the 'Make Me Pretty Upcycling' process also.

These accessories also make great gifts for friends, colleagues or family, but they can also be 'bundled' up with other items to make great wedding, engagement, 21st etc presents.

If you click on the image there is a price and a brief description.




p.s. Just email me if you would like to purchase anything, or would like further information.



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